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We are a certified company

Management Policy

Sevlaires has as its guiding and fundamental principle the satisfaction of Customers and Employees, investing heavily in the ethics of the relationship that in a consistent and systematic way contributes to the satisfaction of their needs and expectations. Complying with legal and regulatory requirements in terms of Quality, Medical Devices, Environment and Safety and Health at Work, it thus brings together a mutual integration of solutions aimed at the realization of products based on the 6 principles that voluntarily and consciously adopts for a maximized customization in the scope of the market for which it is dedicated.

CUSTOMER AND STAKEHOLDER SATISFACTION - Satisfy customer needs by acting actively, responsibly and cooperatively, anticipating problems and solutions, providing the customer with the confidence and commitment to achieve the best results.

INNOVATION - Act creatively on customer issues by innovating technologies, processes and attitudes to achieve a high level of performance, seeking optimized and sustainable solutions and procedures for the environment.

PREVENTION - Evaluate the environmental impacts that we cause on the environment and define strategies to protect the environment and prevent pollution caused by our activities, products and services. Risk assessment and control associated with the manufacture of Medical Devices.

INVOLVEMENT - Continuously improve the conditions of the internal environment allowing to motivate all employees, generating team spirit and mutual collaboration, ensuring the involvement of all around the objectives and the continuous improvement of the Effectiveness of the Management System.

RIGOR - To ensure strict compliance with the requirements of our Management System, in order to guarantee the supply of plastic parts (including Medical Devices) by injection and services within the required specifications, in a systematic manner.

PARTNERSHIP - Create and maintain solid and lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers, in order to achieve relationships of mutual understanding and collaboration with beneficial results for all parties.